Let’s debate some of the best longboard brands

Everybody who starts with longboarding or even when you do have one already, will ask the question at one point: “what are good longboard brands?” “Or what are the BEST longboard brands”

This is a most common question when you like to have a new longboard.


There is no set answer.

It is depends and is just someones opinion. A good longboard brand is a brand that fits within YOUR budget and has great quality boards and with YOUR preferences. There are many good and great brands.

If you browse the web, go to forums, read wordpress, you will see certain names popping up all the time. Others less, but that doesn’t mean these boards are bad. They might be less popular maybe because it is a young or small company and they don’t have the ability to advertise their boards as well as big companies that are around for a long time.

It also depends if you are a beginner or not.

When you begin longboarding, you cannot go wrong with many brands. Go to a specilty store online and boards are made out of good quality wood, wheels and trucks. If you want a very cheap board and go to a department store, chances are you won’t enjoy longboarding. First they cannot help you choose as staff most likely do not have the knowledge of the boards they carry. Second, they only have a few standard brands and the wheels are cheap and might not be as smooth.

It is best to check out online specilities store for the best brands and options.

Not all brands are carried in all stores, some more than other.

Brands like Original, Sector9, Loaded, Landyachtz, Arbor, Duster just to name a few are widely available and around for a long time.
Some of the best top longboards brands like Stella, Yocaher, Gravity, Bamboo, Ehlers, Funbox and Madrid also have great quality boards.
BTW, Madrid longboards carries boards that are used by racers and a lot of advanced downhill longboarders.

What is your “Best Longboard Brand”??

let me know!